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Monthly Archives: January 2012

I love my job, I really do. Even when I complain they are trying to kill me, I love it. But I hate getting up in the morning. Like right now – it is raining, so why can’t I continue to lay snuggly in my bed with Oreo curled up against my back? That seems only fair to me. But noooo, I have to force myself to get up, shower, put on a bra and go into the office. Grateful to have an office to go to, but still! Sigh. It must be done.

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Let’s get this party started, folks!

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The sky was all creepy looking when I was coming home.

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What will this blog be? Who knows. And that’s as good as I can promise for now. Probably some rambling. Probably some Oreo. And crocheting. And football. And baseball. And charity work. And me playing around trying to get the hang of this thing (yeah, just a bit behind the times). But I’m sure it will be an interesting journey. Join me?