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Monthly Archives: February 2012

So, today has been a strange day for me. Found out all the food choices I’ve making are paying off.

I lost 11 pounds in a month!

I’m very proud of myself. I have never done anything like this before – so I’ve actually taken today to brag about myself.

Oh yeah, new food love is the house-made dill pickles from Greenlife.

YUMMY goodness!!!

Now I have to find recipes to make them myself.

Thanks, Alice! You have me doing stuff like that.

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So, the other day I came across this! A machine that makes fortune cookies!!!

And I want it. I don’t need it and I know that I won’t use it. But I want it. My kitchen won’t hold another gadget machine. But I *want* it!

I didn’t get it. But I still want it.

What is your shameful secret – that thing about you that you know is bad for you, but you still want?

It may be bad for the environment or go completely against your personal beliefs. Hence, you fight it, but that teeny voice is still there.

Share . . . Make me feel better!

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Most of us have exes. Sometimes we are okay with them – we may even still be friendly with them. But those that we aren’t. Ooo, those are the ones that can sneak up on you and kick you in the stomach.

My last two fall into that category. Ended badly, did damage and I still want to kick both of them in the ding-ding. Thankfully one of them lives far away and I rarely have to think about him. Rarely, but it does happen.

Then there is the other one. The most recent one. He is close by and his remnants are everywhere. I run into them in the cafeteria at work. In my back yard. Lots of places.

So, the other day I was sending a mass email to get everyone I know to vote for my charity (the Walk to Sierra) for a $500 grant. And I ran smack into BOTH of them. See, I’ve deleted them out of my Blackberry, but forgot Yahoo. DAMNIT!

I had a decision to make. To send or not to send? On one hand, I want every single vote so I can maybe win. On the other hand, I want to kick them and get them out of my life. So, I sent them the emails. Votes are votes, right?

That’s what I thought until I saw the close ex had left a comment on the blog. And I want to throw up. He doesn’t deserve the right to do something good like help my charity win money. It is for the kids, but he shouldn’t be able to do good.

Which is silly. I want to win the money. But I know that I feel sick. And I hope he has the decency not to show up for the event. Who am I kidding? It isn’t decency . . . He doesn’t have the balls to show up and face me. Which is the biggest reason I made him an ex.

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I love the TV show Being Human. Both the US and British version.

I started watching the British version because of the premise: a vampire, a werewolf & a ghost are flatmates. I mean, who could resist? Not me, that’s for sure!! And as the series progressed it kept getting better. Sometimes wacky, but always intriguing.

Then — the horrors of it all SyFy decided to remake it. I, like everyone else who adored the British version, was scared. Would it suck? Would it just be the same but without the accents? Would they mess it up?

I’m glad to say no. The first season was strange. It took all 3 series of the British version in one season. Hell, they even named the vampire Aidan (after Aidan Turner). It took elements of the original and tweaked it for American tastes. But it is still very, very good.

I went to two Being Human panels at Dragon Con this year. The three actors are awesome. So funny. And the second season is going places I never expected. I highly recommend this show. Both of ’em.

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So, I decided to blog every day for Lent. Then I got sick. Well, my sinuses are acting up in this crazy Chattanooga weather. Which makes me wanna take meds, curl up and sleep.

But, Lent just started and I hate to fail. So, I am trying. A wise friend sorta laughed at me when I told her about my blog challenge. “Good luck,” she said. I fear she may be right. But I’m gonna fight hard!

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Even though I felt like poo and left the house early, this sunrise still made me stop. So pretty.

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So, here is the deal. Lent is about giving up something to bring you closer to God. To remind of the sacrifices you need to make daily.

Well, after a while giving up is hard. You know how to cheat – which defeats the whole purpose of Lent.

So, I’ve decided to add something to my life. Something that will take dedication and hopefully put me on a path I want to travel down.

I’m going to have a blog entry on here every day until Easter Sunday. It might just be a quote or a picture, but the intent will be there. I’d love for you to take this journey with me. Let me know what you are doing. Or what you want to do.

What is the path you want to travel? Let me know. Let’s take a journey together.

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