All I wanted to do was make a payment on a credit card. That’s it.

Finally remembered my password. Changed checking info. Then it asked me to verify my identity with info off the card. The card I don’t use. The card I don’t have anymore. The card I can’t find because I don’t use it.


Now I have to download the bill. Print the bill. Write a check. Put it in an envelope. Mail it (didya know stamps went up again?). Unenroll from electronic billing. Continue to write checks and mail bills.

Did I mention FUCK???????

I just want to smack someone. Sent an email but can’t actually figure out if the damn thing went because I kept getting what looked like an error message.

Such an awesome way to run a website Citgo. Which I think is Citibank, but who the hell knows anymore.

So freaking frustrated!!!!!!

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