I love the TV show Being Human. Both the US and British version.

I started watching the British version because of the premise: a vampire, a werewolf & a ghost are flatmates. I mean, who could resist? Not me, that’s for sure!! And as the series progressed it kept getting better. Sometimes wacky, but always intriguing.

Then — the horrors of it all SyFy decided to remake it. I, like everyone else who adored the British version, was scared. Would it suck? Would it just be the same but without the accents? Would they mess it up?

I’m glad to say no. The first season was strange. It took all 3 series of the British version in one season. Hell, they even named the vampire Aidan (after Aidan Turner). It took elements of the original and tweaked it for American tastes. But it is still very, very good.

I went to two Being Human panels at Dragon Con this year. The three actors are awesome. So funny. And the second season is going places I never expected. I highly recommend this show. Both of ’em.

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