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Monthly Archives: April 2012

So, I’ve been sick. And Oreo has taken to laying near me making sure I don’t move too much. Sweet!


So, I got asked to watch Ella & Anna for the weekend so their parents could have a staycation alone. Of course I said yes!

So far, I’ve changed diapers (no biggie) made food (just mac & cheese and hot dogs), feed the kids, dishes in dishwasher, walked the dog, played with the kids and put one of them to bed. No baths tonight – that will be tomorrow before we go out.

So far, so good. Eh, who am I kidding? I’ll make it and be exhausted on Sunday. But Christi & Phillip will have gotten their weekend and I’ll have gotten quality times with the girlies. Plus, Oreo is staying with Papaw. Good times will be had for all. 🙂

Oreo & I went for a walk just a bit ago. I think he’s tired. 🙂

This is a post I wrote on my charity’s website. It is important to talk about child abuse, so we can try and end it.

Walk to Sierra

This is Heather Wilson. I maintain this blog. I am on the executive committee for The Walk to Sierra. I have been involved with the Walk since the first year – 2009. This is not about the Walk or the good that we try to do. This is the story about why I am so involved with the Walk to Sierra. What happened to me that brought child abuse into my world and ignited the passion in me to want to make it disappear.

There are lots of statistics I could quote at you. How many kids die every month in Chattanooga at the hands of someone they know. The ones that don’t die and are *only* victimized by people they know and trust. Violated in ways that make a sane person sick to their stomach. I could even talk about the Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State scandal.


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