So, last week I made zucchini fries and posted a picture on Facebook – because that’s what you do, right? Cook food and post pics of it. Then no one really comments on it. Except this time — holy crap, I had like 5 people tell me how good they looked and they wanted the recipe. Which for me was awesome! Don’t judge me for being excited about such small numbers – there are plenty of other things on which you can judge me).

Since I just want to please people . . . . . here is the recipe.

(OH yeah, I didn’t list amounts because I didn’t measure anything. Just make sure you have enough to coat all your zucchini)

Zucchini Fries



  • Zucchini (squash works good too)
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Egg substitute
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Spices: Lime Pepper, Indian Hot Peppers, Dry Mustard, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Pepper

What to do:

  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees’.
  2. Cut the zucchini into stripes
  3. Pour the egg substitute & Dijon mustard into a bowl and whisk together. I put some hot sauce in there because everything is better with hot sauce. It just is.
  4. Put the Panko bread crumbs on a plate and pour the spices into it. Mix them together with your fingertips (they are still clean, enjoy that!) OH! Don’t feel that you have to use the spices I used – I’m a little strange. Use what you like. Most recipes call for Italian Seasonings. I don’t keep that in my house, but if you do – go ahead and use it. But use what spices you like. You’re going to eat it – not me.
  5. Here’s the fun part. Take the zucchini and dip it into the egg mixture, then the panko mixture. Use one hand for the egg mixture and the other hand for the panko. That will make you easier to clean up. Of course, I don’t do that, so I have to degunk often.
  6. Place them on a cookie sheet – just one layer
  7. Spray with butter (or cooking spray or olive oil or whatever fat you like)
  8. Cook for 10-15 minutes – they should be golden and crunchy, yet soft.
  9. Sprinkle them with salt (I used a truffle salt because I’m fancy). I also sprayed them with Ranch dressing. That was inspired on my part . . . . trust me, if you have it, do it!