Everyone is vain.

Shut up, you have something, I know. That one thing you will not accept in yourself.

This is the trait that drives us to exercise. Or eat right. Or turn off the TV. Whatever.

For moi?

It is my gray hair.

Not gonna happen. Not while I have the ability to fix it. For years (no, literally for like 11 years) I colored it myself. L’Oreal, please. It is what my mom did and it was cheap.

(And it looked brassy & cheap, but I didn’t know any better).

My lovely hairdresser (Lauren Hollingsworth owner of Salon 30A) begged me to let her do the color professionally. I finally gave in.

We found an awesome blonde (that Lauren Arnold still uses on me) and people don’t even realize I am a natural brunette.

So, there is my dirty little secret. I color my hair. I budget so I have the extra cash to pay for it — it is that important.

What is your dirty little vain secret? Tell us, you’ll feel better! Let that flag fly, sweetie!!