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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Last night the news broke that Cory Monteith died of an apparent OD at the age of 31. Super sad that someone succumbed to addiction and left behind friends and family that love them.

But do I feel sorry for Cory? No. He made his choices – to do drugs in the first place and then to continue to let them ruin his life. Now, don’t get me wrong I know that addiction is a bitch to kick. I’m not blaming him at all. But my feelings sorrow are for the people who are left here. They only made the decision to love him and now don’t have him and only have pain to console them. That blows.

It did get me thinking, though. I am not taking care of myself. I don’t eat right and don’t exercise. I know I should and don’t make the effort tondo it for me. Is that fair to my friends or family that love me? HELL NO!

How can I claim to be a good auntie or sister or friend or daughter or niece if I don’t actually look after myself? Now I know I need to do it all for me and not someone else, but what if it is for everyone else? Isn’t that different? I think so.

Here’s the danger part for you. I’m hold myself accountable. That means blog posts and pics. So yeah sorry to start it off. I know that I need to do this for me so you are stuck.


Everyone in Chattanooga is griping about the rain.

So am I.

I *try* and not complain about the weather because is so much better stuff to gripe out. Like sports or washing dishes or lack of world peace. But come on folks, this is getting stupid.

So today I was driving around town and I realized I missed the sun. I just wanted to stop and cry – for no good reason other than it is drizzly and nasty and gross.

I read from a friend on Facebook (s/o to Christi) that the 10-day forecast has ONE DAY that doesn’t call for rain. That is just stupid.

I’ve decided despite the movie ‘Singles’ and grunge I don’t wanna move to Seattle. Even Voodoo Doughnuts isn’t enough to make me deal with this kind of weather.

Please, please can we dry out?

And was this the most non-problem, first world post ever? So what? It is rainy and I’m tired of it!!!!!