I’ve been thinking about titles lately. Not just the ones we get at work but all the ways we label ourselves. The labels we hold dear and the ones we should ditch from our brain Rolodex.

Here are the ones I hold dear:
– Auntie
– friend
– sister
– daughter
– niece
– smart
– fur momma
– loyal
– fan

Here are some I should ditch:
– procrastinator
– collector
– nagger
– worrier
– anxious

So, why do we hold onto the titles we don’t need? I do because they define me as much as the good ones. I know they don’t always serve the best purpose in my life but they even out all the perfect.


Really? Because it is hard to get rid of the not so positive ones. I am trying to get to the point when I learn to minimize them.

I think it is good to think about the ones we hold dear. Why do they mean so much? Can you rank them? I did and realized that is how I think of myself. I’m an excellent auntie and friend (mostly). My connections are very important to me and I pride myself in them.

What are the titles you use to define yourself?