We all let life get in the way but that is not a good reason to not do anything we want. 

There is always another email to return or thing to do. But that is not what makes a life. It makes you able to HAVE a life. This is something I need to remember – and I am going to try and start again. Forty makes you think about all the I go you ‘can’t’ do – and do them. 

Today I am headed out on an adventure. I am taking a road trip (like I used do in my 20s) to visit a friend. 

Yesterday was prep for the trip: chiro, car prep, vitamins bought, workout completed, visit friend, washing dishes, packing. Ya know, the normal stuff. 

Today? Finish packing & start my road trip. I am so jazzed. And I’ve decided that I am going to chronicle it. Maybe it will get me back in the blogging vein (or journaling as I actually do it).