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Everyone in Chattanooga is griping about the rain.

So am I.

I *try* and not complain about the weather because is so much better stuff to gripe out. Like sports or washing dishes or lack of world peace. But come on folks, this is getting stupid.

So today I was driving around town and I realized I missed the sun. I just wanted to stop and cry – for no good reason other than it is drizzly and nasty and gross.

I read from a friend on Facebook (s/o to Christi) that the 10-day forecast has ONE DAY that doesn’t call for rain. That is just stupid.

I’ve decided despite the movie ‘Singles’ and grunge I don’t wanna move to Seattle. Even Voodoo Doughnuts isn’t enough to make me deal with this kind of weather.

Please, please can we dry out?

And was this the most non-problem, first world post ever? So what? It is rainy and I’m tired of it!!!!!



This past week has been really difficult for me. I’ve seen people acting in ways I can’t even imagine. I’ve reacted badly to them.

BUT, I am trying to remember I can’t control other people and how they act (the bane of my existence) but I can control me. I can put down boundaries and make sure that people follow them. I can control my reactions to people.

The picture? It is my Oreo cuddling with me. With all the steaming piles of poo this week I’ve dealt with, I cherish this moment even more. Pure happiness (even though he’s snuggling because of storms.

And I remember how excited Ella was to see me at her car wash. And that Phillip offered me his sister if needed. All the people who have my back! I will survive and be stronger for it.

Today was one of those days. All day long.

One of things I strive to do is let go of tasks – let others do stuff. But I know what I want and ultimately on some things it is my name on it. So I have opinions and that is ok.

I have to remind myself that I’ve been doing this longer than others and it is my responsibility to make sure it is right. I’m not being mean. And if someone gets their feelings hurt we are adults and will work thru it.

Yeah, I keep telling myself that. Maybe I’ll listen one day.


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Look at all the marks! It is crazy.

Look at all the marks! It is crazy.

So, for some reason my dance card (or calendar) has been unusually full. Which means I have less time to blog! But more stuff to blog about.

So, what am I going to do about it? Add another activity. Bee on the lookout for more info shortly – but I’m going to do the 40 Day revolution at North Shore Yoga.

Bring it!

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So, when Oreo & I aren’t in the basement waiting out tornadoes, he is curled up behind my back. He doesn’t dig storms and tonight has been a doozie! Stay safe y’all!

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So, the other day I came across this! A machine that makes fortune cookies!!!

And I want it. I don’t need it and I know that I won’t use it. But I want it. My kitchen won’t hold another gadget machine. But I *want* it!

I didn’t get it. But I still want it.

What is your shameful secret – that thing about you that you know is bad for you, but you still want?

It may be bad for the environment or go completely against your personal beliefs. Hence, you fight it, but that teeny voice is still there.

Share . . . Make me feel better!

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All I wanted to do was make a payment on a credit card. That’s it.

Finally remembered my password. Changed checking info. Then it asked me to verify my identity with info off the card. The card I don’t use. The card I don’t have anymore. The card I can’t find because I don’t use it.


Now I have to download the bill. Print the bill. Write a check. Put it in an envelope. Mail it (didya know stamps went up again?). Unenroll from electronic billing. Continue to write checks and mail bills.

Did I mention FUCK???????

I just want to smack someone. Sent an email but can’t actually figure out if the damn thing went because I kept getting what looked like an error message.

Such an awesome way to run a website Citgo. Which I think is Citibank, but who the hell knows anymore.

So freaking frustrated!!!!!!

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