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I’m. Not. A. Morning. Person.

That might be putting it mildly. But thunderstorms mornings? Come on, man!

Part of what it so difficult to get moving is Oreo. He wants to snuggle and I want to oblige.

::Sigh:: being an adult sometimes sucks. Better than the alternative, I suppose.

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Wishing you all a Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Birthday America!!!

-from Heather & Oreo

So, I’ve been sick. And Oreo has taken to laying near me making sure I don’t move too much. Sweet!

Oreo & I went for a walk just a bit ago. I think he’s tired. 🙂

So, when Oreo & I aren’t in the basement waiting out tornadoes, he is curled up behind my back. He doesn’t dig storms and tonight has been a doozie! Stay safe y’all!

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When the weather outside is frightful . . . I get extra snuggles from Oreo. That makes the time so delightful!

Here is a picture of his precious little face looking up at me while are curled up on the couch.

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Oreo burrowing under the pillows making himself comfy.

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