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Everyone in Chattanooga is griping about the rain.

So am I.

I *try* and not complain about the weather because is so much better stuff to gripe out. Like sports or washing dishes or lack of world peace. But come on folks, this is getting stupid.

So today I was driving around town and I realized I missed the sun. I just wanted to stop and cry – for no good reason other than it is drizzly and nasty and gross.

I read from a friend on Facebook (s/o to Christi) that the 10-day forecast has ONE DAY that doesn’t call for rain. That is just stupid.

I’ve decided despite the movie ‘Singles’ and grunge I don’t wanna move to Seattle. Even Voodoo Doughnuts isn’t enough to make me deal with this kind of weather.

Please, please can we dry out?

And was this the most non-problem, first world post ever? So what? It is rainy and I’m tired of it!!!!!



One reason that I love living & working downtown is how close I am to stuff.

I realized I needed a break at work (I had eaten lunch at my desk and couldn’t remember when I stopped last).

So . . . I put on my workout clothes & headed off to the Walnut St. Bridge. (Shh, I’m still there)

I get a nice exercise (and mental) break in the nice & pretty. Just the afternoon pick me up I needed!!

Love MY city!!

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How can a day that starts out with this be bad?

How can a day that starts out with this be bad?

We all complain about Mondays. It is human nature (at least all the humans I know). I’ve been thinking lately, though. Most of the time I dread or complain about something it turns out bad. Is that because I *knew* it would be horrible or did my attitude make it happen?

So, I’ve decided to try something new. I’m gonna attempt to be positive. Well, maybe let’s start with just not so negative. Let’s see what happens. It can’t be worse, right?

What is one thing that you do without thinking that you can flip?

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I’m. Not. A. Morning. Person.

That might be putting it mildly. But thunderstorms mornings? Come on, man!

Part of what it so difficult to get moving is Oreo. He wants to snuggle and I want to oblige.

::Sigh:: being an adult sometimes sucks. Better than the alternative, I suppose.

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Wishing you all a Happy Fourth of July.

Happy Birthday America!!!

-from Heather & Oreo

So, I’ve been sick. And Oreo has taken to laying near me making sure I don’t move too much. Sweet!

Oreo & I went for a walk just a bit ago. I think he’s tired. 🙂