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We all let life get in the way but that is not a good reason to not do anything we want. 

There is always another email to return or thing to do. But that is not what makes a life. It makes you able to HAVE a life. This is something I need to remember – and I am going to try and start again. Forty makes you think about all the I go you ‘can’t’ do – and do them. 

Today I am headed out on an adventure. I am taking a road trip (like I used do in my 20s) to visit a friend. 

Yesterday was prep for the trip: chiro, car prep, vitamins bought, workout completed, visit friend, washing dishes, packing. Ya know, the normal stuff. 

Today? Finish packing & start my road trip. I am so jazzed. And I’ve decided that I am going to chronicle it. Maybe it will get me back in the blogging vein (or journaling as I actually do it). 

2014: New me?

The cool, hip thing these days is to be all ‘I don’t make resolutions, I might have goals, but they are small & attainable.’ I used to be that person.

Well, screw that.

I’m gonna make resolutions. Truthfully, these are things I’ve been working in for a while, but it is good to put stuff out in the public. Makes you actually work towards the goals and not just sweep them under the rug. Because if you tell people, then they might hold you accountable. At least you should hold yourself accountable.

So, here goes nothing:

1. Become more comfortable with myself.
– To me, this means really be ok with Heather. Only I can change those things I don’t adore about myself and it isn’t fair to me to keep doing the same things over and over to myself. What is that quote about insanity? Doing the same thing and expect ting different results? Yeah, that.

2. Make healthier choices in all aspects of my life.
– I’m not dumb, I know *how* to lose weight and become healthier physically. It is just math (OHMY). Burn more calories than you take in. Easy, right? Not when you let that stupid person who says bad things about YOU run your life. She makes you eat more of the things you shouldn’t, not exercise and other stupid choices (hello, bottle of wine and 60 hour work weeks). Maybe tell her to shut it. You knight like it. But this resolution isn’t just lose weight. It is also mediate and not be so stressed and not be so angry. All the things that make us a healthy, happy person.

3. Hang out with friends and family more.
– My friend Chante is on a IRL kick and she makes a valid point. I lurve my online peeps (shoutout to all of you) and will never abandon all of those relationships, but I always feel so refreshed after hanging out live with peeps. So, watch out folks – I’m coming for you!!

4. Blog and/or journal more.
– sometimes things rattle around in my head. That ain’t good for anyone. I need to get those things outta there to make room for the stuff I really wanna think about – Braves, Vols, Doctor Who, recipes – you know the important things.

So, there ya go. My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. I did it. What do you want to do for yourself (or others) this year? Come on, you know you wanna spill it.


I’ve been thinking about titles lately. Not just the ones we get at work but all the ways we label ourselves. The labels we hold dear and the ones we should ditch from our brain Rolodex.

Here are the ones I hold dear:
– Auntie
– friend
– sister
– daughter
– niece
– smart
– fur momma
– loyal
– fan

Here are some I should ditch:
– procrastinator
– collector
– nagger
– worrier
– anxious

So, why do we hold onto the titles we don’t need? I do because they define me as much as the good ones. I know they don’t always serve the best purpose in my life but they even out all the perfect.


Really? Because it is hard to get rid of the not so positive ones. I am trying to get to the point when I learn to minimize them.

I think it is good to think about the ones we hold dear. Why do they mean so much? Can you rank them? I did and realized that is how I think of myself. I’m an excellent auntie and friend (mostly). My connections are very important to me and I pride myself in them.

What are the titles you use to define yourself?

Warning! Danger ahead

Last night the news broke that Cory Monteith died of an apparent OD at the age of 31. Super sad that someone succumbed to addiction and left behind friends and family that love them.

But do I feel sorry for Cory? No. He made his choices – to do drugs in the first place and then to continue to let them ruin his life. Now, don’t get me wrong I know that addiction is a bitch to kick. I’m not blaming him at all. But my feelings sorrow are for the people who are left here. They only made the decision to love him and now don’t have him and only have pain to console them. That blows.

It did get me thinking, though. I am not taking care of myself. I don’t eat right and don’t exercise. I know I should and don’t make the effort tondo it for me. Is that fair to my friends or family that love me? HELL NO!

How can I claim to be a good auntie or sister or friend or daughter or niece if I don’t actually look after myself? Now I know I need to do it all for me and not someone else, but what if it is for everyone else? Isn’t that different? I think so.

Here’s the danger part for you. I’m hold myself accountable. That means blog posts and pics. So yeah sorry to start it off. I know that I need to do this for me so you are stuck.

Rain, Rain GO AWAY

Everyone in Chattanooga is griping about the rain.

So am I.

I *try* and not complain about the weather because is so much better stuff to gripe out. Like sports or washing dishes or lack of world peace. But come on folks, this is getting stupid.

So today I was driving around town and I realized I missed the sun. I just wanted to stop and cry – for no good reason other than it is drizzly and nasty and gross.

I read from a friend on Facebook (s/o to Christi) that the 10-day forecast has ONE DAY that doesn’t call for rain. That is just stupid.

I’ve decided despite the movie ‘Singles’ and grunge I don’t wanna move to Seattle. Even Voodoo Doughnuts isn’t enough to make me deal with this kind of weather.

Please, please can we dry out?

And was this the most non-problem, first world post ever? So what? It is rainy and I’m tired of it!!!!!



One reason that I love living & working downtown is how close I am to stuff.

I realized I needed a break at work (I had eaten lunch at my desk and couldn’t remember when I stopped last).

So . . . I put on my workout clothes & headed off to the Walnut St. Bridge. (Shh, I’m still there)

I get a nice exercise (and mental) break in the nice & pretty. Just the afternoon pick me up I needed!!

Love MY city!!

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What I’m giving up for Lent

Today is the first day of the Lenten season. While I may not do my religion like others do, I still do some things every one does.

Like Lent.

While Lent is meant to bring you closer to God thru sacrifice, I use as a reset. We are far enough away from New Year Resolutions to have slipped. So, this is a good time of year (close to spring) to clear things out and start over. And that helps me strive to be a better person, which I know makes God happy.

I’ve given up lots of things in past years — Taco Bell, buying food in the cafeteria at work, cussing, meat. I’ve also taken up things – exercising, being positive, writing every day on this blog. All of them made an impression, but few of them stuck long term.

This year? No eating after 9 pm. Let’s see how this goes.

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